How to get a muscular body without lifting a weight?

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Toning’, ‘Shaping’, and ‘Bulking’- these three words are what you hear from every novice who starts doing gym. He/she either wants their body toned, shaped or bulked-up. Though every man with a dream of ‘hulk body’ enters a gym, yet few are determined to do it on their own and depend upon any other instruments. Even now, few people are opting for home workouts rather than dropping in in a gym. Indeed, our lives get busier day by day and sometimes a gym membership sounds time-saving, while on the other hand, it seems a waste of money as we think that we can do this at home. Even some people actually do opt for strength training workouts at home. Now you must be thinking that I am going to recommend some weights and treadmills, etc. but it is not like that. Instead, I would say that you can get your weight training exercises done easily at your home even without any weight training instruments.

The ‘Greek-god’ body and the ‘6-packs’ or ‘8-packs’ are actually a modern conception. But during the ancient times, men did have a perfect fit body. Similarly, the women had a figure to die for. And how was that possible when there no gyms or treadmills or bar crunches? They didn’t have ‘Google’ to search about diet plans and diet chart or ‘how to reduce weight’. What they had was their daily and domestic work and a lot of their pedestrian traveling. This all added up as their workout. Similarly, we also can follow the routine home workout without weights to get in shape. Personally, I think this is the best way to get yourself motivated. Not only it saves your hard-earned money, but also teaches you to be independent on any training instrument.

There are some basic exercises which easily can be done at home (without weights) by only adding a little resistance to your everyday exercises. Before this, atleast 10 minutes warm-up sessions is of utmost importance. It loosens your muscles and get them warmed up so that they are ready for the upcoming strength training and vigorous exercises. Directly jumping to the workout session can actually do your body a great deal of harm. There is a chance of muscle tear, sprain, etc. Below some warm up exercises are suggested that you should try out before starting your workout:

  • Jog on treadmill
  • Twist lunges
  • Crunches
  • Push-ups skipping
  • Arm and leg swings
  • Neck rotations
  • Hip rotations
  • Dynamic chest
  • Hops on spot

With one set of 10 reps of each exercise, the warm-up sessions can be concluded.

After this session get done, you can plan out following exercises according to your fancy that are enough to get you started. After these basic, you can move on to more difficult work-outs like squats, donley-kicks, burpees, etc.

  • Push-ups and pull-ups
  • Dips
  • Bench dips
  • Hand stand push-ups
  • Chin-ups
  • Parallel push-ups
  • Close grip pull-ups

Once you are accustomed to these, you can add some resistances, like tying a book bag or sand bag to your waist while doing the same exercises. These are some of the basics which can get you a muscular body. In addition to it, dancing, swimming and playing outdoors (football, basketball, etc.) and also help in strengthening your core muscles.

Apart from this, your diet plays a significant role in this entire process. Make sure you are taking sufficient amount of proteins and vitamins. You need to be careful of your calorie intake as well. Though supplements are an option, it is better to keep it natural. It could take a longer time than the gym and supplement combo, but this would be the complete natural way to get a muscular body without lifting a weight.