Intense , Palladium or Isocore94 – A Comparative Approach

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Are you looking to gain weight, build Muscle mass or reduce fat or msaintenance? Whey protein supplementation can be helpful to achieve any of the above and with faster results. As protein abet with muscle building, repair, and fat loss.

According to scientists several variations of protein sources were recorded, which are significant in the fast-absorbing whey types (for pre or post workout recovery), whey blends (meal replacement), and soy and casein sources (for sustained protein supplementation).

Whey is the most common and ideal type of protein powder, based upon the type and its quantity. The right type for you depends on how you plan to use it, what your health needs, taste and the time frame to get the desired result.

Sinew Intense Whey Protein

Not Fat, Just Muscle Gain

Intense Whey Protein is brilliant in taste, with high quality, fat less supplement. It is an ideal way to meet your protein requirement throughout the day. It is processed with micro- filtered in combination with fast-absorbing whey concentrate, soy isolate & milk that enhances the muscle protein anabolism.

BCAAs and EAAs for Rapid Muscle Recovery

Intense is enriched with a complete amino acid profile that including BCAAs like L-leucine, L-Isoleucine, L-Valine and some of essential amino acids that enhance the growth and repair your muscles. The balanced BCAA in Intense protects your muscles against the catabolic effects and maintains your lean muscle mass, it is also an ideal pre and post-workout supplement.

Apart from major nutrients, it is a superior meal replacement, providing not only protein but carbs, essential minerals and vitamins too.

Sinew Palladium Whey Protein

One of the best supplement with all 20 amino acids including 3 BCAA and Glutamine.Palladium promotes lean muscle mass, strength and energy during the workout.

Nutrients For Nourishment

Sinew Palladium is a natural and healthy way to bring protein into your diet. Sinew Whey Protein make your workout more active and faster, and now you can spend longer hours for extensive workouts in the gym. It is not limited up to athletes or the bodybuilders, but applicable to all who wants to supplement their body with proteins.

In addition to high protein content, BCAA, and essential amino acids, Sinew Palladium is gluten free , contain fibers and other nutrients required to prevent fatigue, speed up the recovery and enhance endurance. Low carbs, zero sugar, and less lactose aid to the metabolism and maintenance of muscles.

Sinew Isocore94 Whey Protein

Isocore brings you everything you need and ever manufactured. A core power which is natural high protein muscle recovery supplement. In addition to structural and functional deal, Isocore94 maintains good health, magnify strength and ignite your metabolism of your body.

Build More Strength than Regular

Isocore94 contains a research proven nutrients(All amino acids & L-Glutamine) which  will help to build more strength than regular whey protein.According to one study,  using the whey blend shows increased immunity and strength. The advance formulation of Isocore94 assure that your body is fueled with the most elite whey.

The best part is that it contains purest form i.e.94% of protein each serving with zero sugar, zero carbs making it suitable for almost everyone.

Supplements should people be most aware of, with regard to building muscle and burning fat

Not all protein are framed equal,it is important to know which type of protein will help to reach the goal.

 Supplement  BCAA
 Fat  Type
 Purpose  Good For

 Sinew Isocore94





 Whey Protein 


 Muscle Building, 


 Volumize lean muscle

 Ideal to diabetes and high 

 blood pressure patients

 Sinew Palladium





 Whey Protein 


Prevent Fatigue, 

Enhance Endurance

 Good for lean muscle 

 mass and strength.

 After the recommendation

 of Doctor

 Sinew Intense





 Whey Protein 


 Whey Peptide

 Nutrients assist in 

 muscle performance, 

 boost strength 

 and stamina

 Good for muscle building, 

 muscle maintenance.

 But due to high carbs , 

 it is not ideal for Diabetic

 and high blood pressure