Side effects of Whey Protein

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Side effects of Whey Protein

Whey Protein is regarded as the most prominent supplement that helps you to consume protein need to achieve the goal in building muscles, when used in appropriate amount otherwise some negative side effects of whey protein. According to physical experts, the amount of protein consumed by athlete and bodybuilders is 1g and 2g of protein per pound of body weight respectively.

However, consuming required amount of protein is crucial to build muscle but what happens when you take too much of it ? The over consumption of whey protein can develop some side effects.

Gain Weight Could Be Possible

Whey protein is known to be an ideal supplement to build lean muscle, but the high consumption can lead to gain weight. Having too much of whey protein in diet possibly provides extra calories, fats and carbohydrates as well, as a result the body is unable to store excess of protein in its original form.

Lack of physical performance or inactivity can result in slight gain of both muscle and fat, which is opposite to what you go look for in protein supplements.

Lactose Intolerance

Most people are sensitive to lactose present in whey protein supplement, an inability to digest lactose, results in digestive problems. People with lactose intolerance may also suffer from intestinal irritation over high consumption of whey protein.

Gout Formation

Gout formation, also known as arthritis, probably occurs due to consuming protein more than is recommended. It can be harmful to health and fitness. The symptom causing acute inflammation in joints or in toes. The high level of uric acid in the kidney because of high protein content followed by purines is responsible for the formation of gout.

In some condition, the strength and bone density decreases, probably with over use of whey protein in your diet. Because of imbalance in mineral absorption resulting in high risk of bone fracture or osteoporosis. The symptoms have been found in this case are, inflammation in bones and joints, pain and redness.