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Use of whey protein- pre workout and post workout recovery

Everyone who has been lifting weights for some time have inevitably heard – and most likely bought into – a lot of the gym talk and magazine wisdom surrounding training and diet. Besides learning that eating every other hour and completely devastating every muscle group once a week is the optimal way to go for

Whey protein’s a must pre-requisite for body builders

Whey protein’s a must pre-requisite for body builders Jim Stoppani (the most trusted man in muscle) asserted, “in order to get a fabulous beefed up body one needs to go into a rigorous workout along with the consumption of whey protein…” Whey is the Way to be… To get the desired result you just can’t

Top 6 Best Things About Whey Protein

What Is Whey…??? When thinking about protein supplement, the first thing comes to mind is whey protein. A high-quality protein found naturally in milk, composed of essential amino acids. It is required to build muscle mass, repair tissues and improve overall performance. If you are an athlete or a body builder Whey proteins are good