What are the Benefits of Taking Whey Protein Before Bed ?

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Whey protein is the go-to choice for all fitness enthusiast and gym rats, who wish to live a relatively healthy lifestyle and build muscles. All those health aficionados, who are aware of the importance of protein want to incorporate Whey in their diet but, what many may not know is the proper use of protein timing.

Have you ever thought of using whey protein as a pre-bedtime supplement? We all know, casein is the most common option, but what about whey? Is whey protein a good alternative? Let’s have a closer look!

Benefits of Whey before Bed:

Aids in Burning Fat

Taking in a serving of whey protein before bed raise your amino acid profile which in turn raises your core body temperature, thereby raising your metabolism to process the incoming calories, and thus aids in burning some fat even as you sleep . Must be cautious with this however, and not take in excess calories when body is in recovery mode.

Boosts Energy

When you have worked those muscles too often and too intensely, your ATP i.e your energy supply is depleted. Whey protein then raises these ATP levels and restores your energy that you will feel in the morning, waking up more refreshed and well rested.

Helps in Recovery

Whey protein before bed plays an important role in overall recovery. Although, casein is the best alternative for an evening protein, whey helps in better recovery. Whey protein, contains all the essential amino acids that you require in your daily diet, specially when you are building muscle. The branched-chain amino acids isoleucine, leucine and valine get assimilated into your muscle quite fast, as they do not require metabolism by your liver, unlike non-branched-chain amino acids. Since your body repairs and builds muscle tissue when it is at complete rest, consuming whey protein before you go to bed fuel your muscles and sparks recovery.

Maintain Muscle Mass

As you give your body ample amount of amino acids, you ensure that it gets enough protein needed to build muscle. Hence, high protein consumption encourages the growth and maintenance of muscle mass, rather than allowing your body to break down muscle cells for energy.

Cost Effective

Nevertheless, the cost of buying whey protein powder is considerably cheaper than buying casein protein powder.

Potential Drawbacks of taking Whey before bed:

Now come to the downside of taking whey protein before bed, something you need to know before you start taking whey at night.


Whey protein is generally taken after a workout when your glycogen levels are drained and the muscle fibers have been broken down to shreds. This is a perfect time for this fast absorbing and quick digesting protein, as it will get into the blood stream rapidly and transport the nutrients to the appropriate cells. When your body is at rest, whey protein does not feed your body properly all through the night because it takes up the nutrients too quickly. Comparatively, in this case casein is a better choice, as it is slow-digesting and keeps your body safe from falling into a catabolic state through out the night.

Spike Insulin Levels

Like carb such as white potatoes over brown rice or sweet potatoes, a quick protein can also cause a spike in the insulin levels. Insulin is directly related to weight gain and mainly fat storage. Keeping your insulin levels steady is necessary to maintain and achieve a substantial fat loss, specially during the night. Whey protein despite the fact that it has numerous weight loss benefits, it can be related to weight gain when taken without care.

Raises Blood Sugar

Whey protein is basically a post-workout supplement, and most of them contain some simple sugars. Raising your blood sugar right before when there is no time to burn off any extra calories is not the right choice. Blood sugar, like raising your insulin levels, is directly associated to fat gain and storage of fat cells when not able to burn through the calories.

Take-Home Message

Whey protein is highly recommended in your supplement stack but taking it just before going to bed might not be the best thing to do. It will give you a slight energy boost for the morning and could possibly foster some fat loss; However, you can’t just overlook the cons. Though nutrient timing matters for optimal fitness, the quality of your nutrition is equally critical in achieving your fitness goals. That is to say, consuming high-quality protein such as whey is imperative for building muscle, no matter what time of day you take it. Read More about health benefits of whey protein.