What is Whey Protein : Brief Introduction

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Proteins and Whey, together it makes a tough term to understand. However, we have a vague idea of Proteins but for ‘Whey’ many us do not have any idea at all. Perhaps, we will all agree to this fact. Isn’t it true?Anyways, before we go any further to understand separately, what is Whey and what role does the Whey Protein play in keeping ourselves in good health, let us talk, not in medical jargons but in simple terms, about Whey Protein.

Whey Protein-The pure Protein Supplement

Whey Proteins are the dietary supplements which provides our body with essential proteins that enables the body in building the cells, muscles and the tissues and also various organs etcetera.

Whey Proteins consists of much of the 20 most essential Amino Acids that are required by our body. It comes in the form of Powder, Bars and Pills. Now it’s your choice, what you want to have.

As far as the Powder is concerned, you can choose from many of the ways to consume it. For instance, you can make a tasty shake blending the powder further with water, juice and milk. And also you can have it with vegetables and fruits with rich carbohydrate and vitamins respectively.

Important Role of Whey Protein

If we talk about the recent discoveries and developments on Whey Protein, it has been found that:

– the Whey Proteins have anti-cancer elements

– the Whey Proteins also have longivity benefits

Moreover, there are studies which suggests that the Whey Proteins further helps in:

Treating Hypertension

It enables to keep a check on High Blood Pressure, which further takes good care of the heart. It avoids major health problems like heart attack and stroke respectively.

Treating Asthma

It has been found that the Whey Proteins helped in treating Asthmatic patients. It strengthens the immune system of the body.

The role of Whey Proteins are not limited to keeping a control on the above mentioned health issues. Indeed, there are other common health problems which the Whey Proteins have a solution for:

  • substantial weight loss
  • keeping a check on Cholesterol
  • gives a good response to your immune system
  • enhancing the health of your muscles
  • preventing you from Heart diseases
  • diseases caused due to the lack of Proteins
  • helps you in treating Diabetes

International Society of Sports Nutrition on Whey Proteins

It was in 1990′s, when the use of Whey Proteins became very familiar among the athletes. It was found that supplementing extra protein to the athletes body enhanced their athletic performance significantly.

The Whey Proteins pumped into their bodies, extra energy and stamina. And with those added Protein in-take they performed more effectively and efficiently.

As a matter of fact, as far as the Whey Protein is concerned, the International Society of Sports Nutrition states:

  • Those who are engaged in extensive exercise needs more protein intake than other individuals.
  • Protein intake of 1.4 to 2.0 gms/kg of the body weight each day is ‘safe & convenient’.
  • When taken with balanced nutrient-diet, Whey Proteins does not impediment the functioning of the Kidney in a healthy body.
  • The Protein supplementation are a pragmatic approach to adequate and quality protein intake.

Thereafter, it was muscle building or body building which made the use and importance of Whey Protein known to the people. Further, the studies and researches found the importance of Whey Proteins. And now, Whey Proteins are not only used by the athletes and the body builders, it is now used by different age groups of the society; and also, the Whey Protein is used by men and women both.